About the Author

[1] Marcel Cobussen can be contacted at M.A.Cobussen@umail.leidenuniv.nl

[2] Marcel Cobussen wanted to become a professional soccer player. He did not succeed. Too bad. Now he is both a musician and a philosopher. He studied jazz piano at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, and Art and Cultural Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands). When he is not busy writing about music and (poststructuralist) philosophy, he teaches Music Philosophy and Auditory Culture at Leiden University (the Netherlands) and the Orpheus Institute Ghent (Belgium). From March 2007 until October 2008 he has been supervising two PhD candidates at the Malmö Academy of Music (Sweden). From September 2009 on, he is a part-time guest researcher there, investigating the relationship between improvisation and nonlinear dynamic systems.
At home, he plays mostly free improvised music and (Japanese) electronic music. Otherwise, he enjoys fitness, traveling, and sleeping too. Note: he only writes about music he appreciates (not reversible).
He lives with wife Ida and daughters Eva and Sarah, but loves rabbits, penguins, and camels as well.
So far, he is quite satisfied with his life.

[3] Read and listen to an interview with Marcel Cobussen (in Dutch)

[4] Marcel Cobussen thinks around music which resulted in several books, many articles (see publications), and an online dissertation Deconstruction in Music. In particular for this PhD dissertation, Cobussen composed a simple framework, Intermezzo, which can function as the initial impetus to some improvisations. Several possible outcomes of this ‘composition’ can be heard on a CD of the same name, all played by two of the most outstanding Dutch improvisers, cellist Ernst Reijseger and trumpet player Eric Vloeimans.
You can order this CD for $10 by sending an email to Marcel Cobussen.

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