Five times around music. Wandering about/along/with music. Five times. Wandering from the straight and narrow of the order, of linearity, i.e. the teleology of an end in a beginning. Around music ... Hesitating ... Groping ... 'Reticence, as you know, is the figure of a deliberate keeping-quiet so that more than eloquence can be heard in it', Derrida writes in Of Hospitality (p.95). How does one write with restraint? How is this task fulfilled?

Five times around music. Not denying the existence of gaps and uncertainties, not disguising problems, not trying to be complete or rounded-off. Not a clear method that seeks to decipher a truth but a series of encounters that affirms play. No conclusions. To arrive at conclusions would be to assume an authority I do not have. So, without any decisive ending ... Not knowing where and when to end my writing around/beside/through music ... Not knowing where to begin my writing ... But it has already begun. It has always already begun.